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SS-8 Universal Battery Wall Charger Dock with LCD Display for External Batteries


TechHype SS-8 Universal Battery Wall Charger Dock with LCD Display for External Batteries charges your mobile devices quick and easy while also providing a means of charging a back up battery for extended power when your on the go. The adjustable width charging compartment adjust to fit most sized mobile device batteries while the USB port makes it possible to charge your phone simultaneously. Recharge different sizes of batteries at the same time, suitable to charge Li-ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries. It can also be used through the USB port to charge your Bluetooth devices such as external speakers and headsets. This box automatically identifies positive and negative more intelligent and more convenient. It's ability to support dual output charges the battery and phone at the same time makes this a must have for a portable back up power option. Slide-friendly design with the shortest distance being 42mm and the largest at 70mm. It contains multiple circuit protection to prevent overcharging of your devices. Tested with strict quality control standards this is a must have for anyone needing multiple battery power on the go or at home. Small durable and lightweight makes it easy to move around the house, apartment or office. Portable and convenient with a lot of power charging options. Makes a great personal item for your device or as a gift. This is an excellent smart device with many possibilities. .


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