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2017 Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner Metallic (Sharp-edged)


2017 Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner Metallic (Sharp-edged) has a high speed spinning design and gives a longer spinning time which is 3 min or more. Incredibly Calming Fun Fidget Toy. Help ADD & ADHD Sufferers Relieve Stress and Anxiety, ease your Boredom when Waiting in Car or Airport. Easy to Carry, Small, Simple, Discrete and Fun and also Effective for Focus and Deep Thought. You can put it to use right on the go, Anywhere and anytime. Perfect size, suitable for adults and kids over 10 years old. The Special Slim-body Design is perfect for any Occasion. This Toy is Built with a Cool, Smooth Design so the users can enjoy it without Distraction at Parties, Meeting, During Trips or in Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments. .


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